The Artist

The Artist

Charm’s love of art has been with her for as long as she can remember. As a child, she would draw horses and paper dolls. However, as a young mother of three, Charm says that her art took a back seat to her three busy children.

Shortly after, her husband became interested in kiting. While Ron was busy flying kites, Charm found a unique niche and started making and painting small kites from all different materials. Her talent blossomed and she now has little Kites displayed all over the world, including in private museums in Japan and China.

In 2000, Charm decided to take a drawing and watercolor class, here she realized she had a real flare for drawing and started creating works of art from colored pencils. From there, she started working in watercolor paintings, Sumi-e painting and painting florals. landscapes and portraits.

Charms goals for the future are to continue to draw and paint and to learn more about the history of art, as well as spend time with the many friends she has made around the world from both kiting and her art.

Another project which Charm hope’s to do is give back to the art world a little of what she has learned by teaching classes in local studios to help others reach there potential. (See the schedule for times and dates)

Charm Lindner’s work has been featured in several galleries and it has received numerous awards, some of which follow:

Awarded 1st. place in craftsmanship in “The World’s Miniature Competition” paintings on small kites 3 inches or smaller.

St. Louis Artist Guild, 2004, “From the Artist Hand”-awarded cash prize.

Chique Gallery in Arnold, Missouri.

Rivertown Art Gallery in Kimmswick, Missouri.

Colored Pencil Society of America Convention & Show in Chicago in 2005. Awarded cash prize for “Excellence.”

St. Louis Artist Guild in 2005 where two of Charm’s drawings were selected.

Foundry Gallery in St. Charles, Missouri, “Everything made out of Paper.”

Featured artist at Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center for the month of January 2006.

Jefferson County Art Show “Art for the Soul” at Chique Gallery, July 2006.